Werda Sofia - Back To Fitrah

"We're envisioning 'Back to Fitrah' as the future fashion and that is how we imagine Werda Sofia. The innovation of the pleats, piping and the material of the piece giving you the most classy look.

After all, it is about how you love SOFIA feels against your skin and contains you as a Muslimah in whole.

Extremely confortable Syariah Compliant's Hijab.

READY to SOLAT design & Beast-Feed without worries.

Very modest but classy.

Allow every Muslimah to look exclussive & beauty.

- BEST Syariah Compliant Hijab's
- Bulu Kucing Syntethic Material
- Exclusive WERDA Metal Label
- Exclusive Packaging"

Model Memakai Tudung Labuh Berdagu Werda Sofia Warna Amaranth Pink

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